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As a mighty body of water, the Danube flows through large parts of Europe. On its way from its source in the Black Forest to its mouth in the Black Sea, it crosses numerous borders. This makes it a connecting element between diverse national identities and breaks up the rigid order of the mainland. At the same time, the Danube is the source of economic prosperity, which is linked to the sufficient availability of water as a resource. Not only it serves as a crucial waterway for the transportation of goods but it also hosts numerous hydroelectric power plants along its banks to generate energy. Numerous chemical and metal industries have therefore settled in many places along the river. The fertile soils along the banks are used for agriculture while several urban areas rely on the river as a source of drinking water.

The title of the traveling exhibition “YOUR WATER OUR WATER” alludes to the interconnectedness of all water systems and the adjoining cultural spaces. It signifies a clear perspective on the overt and covert relationships and dependencies among various local actors in the Danube region. The Danube has always been a canvas for artistic explorations that are not the least based on the inspirational power of the element of water. Every country it flows through has its own myths and stories.

As part of the trinational project, a traveling exhibition is being created that connects three young art spaces in Germany, Hungary, and Serbia along the Danube. After its opening at DELPHI_space in Freiburg on April 27, 2024, the exhibition will move to the cultural center aqb Budapest and then to U10 Belgrade. The project seeks artistic positions exploring the theme of water and water supply in relation to the Danube and neighbouring bodies of water, delving into different historical, societal, ecological, and artistic contexts. In addition to painting, photography, video art, installations and performances, the exhibition includes a diverse program with film screenings, workshops and lectures.

Artist fees and funding for production and transportation costs are provided. The project is supported by the Baden-Württemberg Stiftung.

Applications with a portfolio, work description and a separate short biography (max. 500 characters) should be submitted by March 1, 2024 to: yourwaterourwater@delphi-space.com

Opening: April 27, 2024