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Melkovics Tamás

Melkovics Tamás


The starting point for my art is play; a free way of thinking that is closely intertwined with the behaviour and learning methods that define childhood. I work with a constantly contemplative, exploratory, open-minded attitude, using traditional sculptural foundations as a springboard. My sculptural tools are open and experimental.

Personal expression and intuition play an essential role in the creation of my works. I create sculptures based on memories, feelings, technical issues and experiences. In my current work, I attempt to unlock the static, closed foundations of sculpture. I create signs, characters, groups of meaningful and abstract forms. From these elements, I build, rearrange, dismantle and rebuild compositions of varying scale, maintaining a kind of dialogue with our ever-changing physical world.

Selected works

"Blue kit" series, Műcsarnok, 2021

"Alloy" series, composition 18, 2023

"Alloy" series, composition 28, 2023

"Alloy" series, Ferenczy Museum, 2022
Ferenczy Museum, 2022
Ferenczy Museum, 2022

"RAW" series, Ferenczy Museum, 2022

"Symbols" series, Műcsarnok, 2019