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Re.flex.ion : Orca

Contributors:Re.flex.ion / Alba Vega
Venue: Foyer
Opening:02/27/2020 19:45 (Thu)
Duration:02/27 - 02/27/2020

There are worlds beyond our senses where the human perception does not reach, but our influence does. Re.flex.ion : Orca is bringing underwater acoustics to the surface.

Re.flex.ion brings the sonic world of Orcas within the human range of perception and enacts the experience Orcas undergo in captivity, presented in stark contrast to the freedom of communication in their natural environment.

The project aims to bring awareness to a consequence of captivity, often overlooked and difficult to comprehend without experiencing it.

Re.flex.ion is showing “us”, humans how deeply confined water tanks made of concrete and glass disrupt the health of sonic species. The tank is acoustically modeled to human proportions immersing the audience in the unhealthy sonic environment of captivity. In contrast, the composition also shows the audience the richness of sonic bonding and communication among these amazing beings in the wild.

Artist in residence: Alba Vega Mulet is a Telecommunications Engineer based between Amsterdam and Gata de Gorgos (Spain).

During her studies she specialized in acoustics & acoustic design of spaces and had engaged with contemporary theatre and performing arts for over six years.

She is dedicated to research factors in improvement and enhancement of life-surrounding experiences.

With broad professional experience in Media Engineering (in the UK and The Netherlands) she pursues to find and develop advanced technologies to achieve compelling results in service of Nature, Arts and Environmental Activism. Driven by the beauty in arts & knowledge she seeks to awaken empathy that can lead to positive change in our ever-evolving society.

From an early age, Alba has been actively fighting for a more sustainable world in various roles from Secretary of Environmental Lands Protection – to Media Crew of the Sea Shepherd’s Operation Divina Guadalupe IV in Mexico.

At the Spatial Sound Institute Alba has been composing a piece she’s been involved with since 2015. A process that has taken her on insightful journeys to Andenes (Norway), Vancouver Island (British Columbia, CA) and San Juan Island (Washington, USA) to observe resident Orcas’ population. By bringing the voices of these magnificent beings into 4DSOUND, she is calling for attention towards new dimensions: casting acoustic light over the experience of captivity.

* Attendees will be kindly asked to fill a one minute questionnaire prior and after the presentation to support the development of the project.