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AQB AiR – Liv Tsim & Liu Tsz Ting (HK) Outside the Dwelling

Contributors:Liv Tsim / Liu Tsz Ting
Venue: Project Space
Opening:11/23/2018 18:00 (Fri)
Duration:11/23 - 11/27/2018

Opening hours

Wednesday – Friday15:00 – 19:00

Opening: 23 November, 2018 6pm
Exhibition Period: 23-30 November, 2018
Venue: aqb main building 4th floor
Liv Tsim & Liu Tsz Ting, Purple will present their new works Outside the Dwelling on Friday the 23rd of November. Their works were developed during their residency at Art Quarter Budapest.
The meaning of dwelling is living under a shelter permanently. The steady certainty raises up a question that how we habit well with the unpredictability.
This exhibition explores the vigorous presences around a
certain dwelling. Artists observed the patterns of living
plants around the residential space and deliberated the struggling relationship between artificial life and organic individuals.
Meanwhile, the plants in the house indirectly reflected the habitat of a person and sometimes was even granted with a belief of Feng Shui. Plants inside the dwelling echoed the way people see the world.
Liu Tsz Ting, Purple
Liu is an artist was born and raised in Hong Kong. Graduated from Hong Kong Baptist University B.A. Hons in Visual Arts. ​Her paintings appeared in various international shows include duo solo exhibitions at Art Canton 2016 and a.m. space, Hong Kong, “Form is Emptiness”, 2018 and also in Asian Students Young Artist Art Festival 2017, Seoul, etc.
Liu's art seeks for reason. Often use architectural motifs to
demonstrate the relationship between objects and beings. Her color and shape driven paintings explore the boundaries between virtual space and tangible structure.
Contact - liutsztingliu@gmail.com
Website - www.liutszting.com
Liv Tsim
Tsim was born in Hong Kong in 1994 and received a bachelor training at Academy of Visual Arts, Hong Kong Baptist University. Her works were exhibited in international exhibitions, including The 1st Hong Kong-Shenzhen Design Biennale, “Symposium: Beyond the Sound ” in French May Art Festival 2015, “Handle With Care” in Berlin, “The Edge Mini” in Brisbane etc.
Tsim’s practice holds a focus on spatial and experiential installations, which involves sensorial experience and organic subject to reconfigure the epistemological. She believes that the concept of nature is not defined by human-orientation and every existing individuals connected with others in an inner-relationship.
Contact - livtsim@gmail.com
Website - www.livtsim.com