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Come As You Are – presentation and workshop

Résztvevők:Tamara Zsófia Vadas / Márton Emil Tóth / Lőrinc Borsos / Viktor Vejvoda (KOLXOZ) /
Helyszín: Rooftop
Megnyitó:03/22/2022 13:00 (ked)
Időtartam:03/22 - 03/22/2022

Let us invite you on a casual tuesday to an unusual event...

aqb is proud to host the presentation and joint workshop of the collaborative duos of the house.

Starting with the introduction to their individual practices, the artists expose how seemingly random and insignificant everyday matters can turn one’s world around, and by joining forces against these challenges, we can learn how interdependence can provide a way out of stagnation and also our comfort zone.


✚ Tamara Zsófia Vadas is an independent freelance dancer and coreographer. She works in various dance and interdisciplinary groups, in which the involvement of different disciplines results in performative situations. Her interest centers on interaction, new dance-form experiments and nonhierarchical artistic methods.

✚ Márton Emil Tóth is a fine artist. His practice employs the media of sculpture, installation, drawing and photography. His oeuvre consists of diverse pieces created with various materials and methods, often also intervowen in a single work. Approaching the notion of prothesis methodically, he replaces absent - or seemingly absent - functions and dissolves presences in one another.

The professional paths of Tamara and Marci joined in 2016.
Since then, their attention is aimed at the interdependence of different disciplines - exploring new territories and experiencing creative collaborative work.

Their work is experimental, built upon process-oriented artistic methods. They examine topics that question their current environment and own practice. In their presentation, they discuss their individual and collective artistic experiences and their current creative state.

✚ Lőrinc Borsos is an artistic entity that names the creative collaboration of Lilla Lőrinc (1980) and János Borsos (1979) since 2008. Their gender, sexual orientation and intellect are equally characterized by bipolarity. The basis of their existence is the coexistence of extremities, but their actual goal is the solution of duality.

To quote Mário Nemes Z.: "(...) they are neither one, nor two, neither husband nor wife, neither art nor anti-art. Rather, this name denotes the place where all of these movements and convulsions converge. We cannot know how many are inside the seething cauldron. They are legion."

On this day with your help they aim to gather again as Legion, the ever changing new formation which became part of their practice, and create new, spontaneous collaborative works in the form of joint drawings, paintings and installations.

✚ Viktor Vejvoda (KOLXOZ)
KOLXOZ - Shortcut for коллективное хозяйство [kollektivnoye khozyaystvo] means «collective economy».
Kolxoz is a Tiraspol–Prague–Chisinau collective that works inside the cycle of cultural production – from research, creation and replication to distribution, presenting and theoretical formulation. Turning every step of such a process into a manifestation of perception of surrounding reality. Aspiration of Kolxoz is to prevent from its own self–isolation and keep contact with status and issues of human society​.

• Kolxoz explores the potential of limits.

• Kolxoz explores possibilities of mobile autonomous technology to communicate out of formal zones.

• Kolxoz explores outdated and forgotten tools, practices, ideas in order to keep their purpose in a new context.

• Kolxoz explores collectivity as a format of work, as a work of art, as a search for alternatives, as a practical response to challenges that cannot be dealt by a single person.

• Колхоз is Trud

• Труд is Kolxoz

• Trud is symbiosis of work and labor.

main building, 4th floor, dance studio

1 pm - 2.30 pm: artist presentations, coffee, talk
3 pm - ...: Legion workshop

The workshop is made possible by Flowing Connections EU initiative, as a side event of the exhibition "ARE YOU SURE YOU WANT TO LEAVE?"
Selection from the OSTRALE Biennale O21 "Breathturn"