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Spatial Sound Institute Sound Exhibition

Helyszín: Rooftop
Megnyitó:09/01/2018 14:00 (szo)
Időtartam:09/01 - 09/02/2018

SOUND EXHIBITION at Spatial Sound Institute
SATURDAY SEPTEMBER 1st--------------------------------
- Sól Ey from 14:00h to 18:00h | 'Sonic storm'(2018) | Spatial Sound installation
- Tiernan Cross 21:00h | 'Schema' (2018) | Concert
- Nagy Ákos 21:20h | ‘Par la voie des rythmes - La Déploration sur la Mort d’Henri Michaux’ (2018) | Concert
- Iannis Xenakis - Fraction | 21:55h 'Persepolis' (1971/2016) | Concert
SUNDAY SEPTEMBER 2nd ---------------------------------
- Filip Ruisl & Gábor Pribék - KiBu | ' Tracer' (2018) |
Virtual Reality Composition Tool for 4DSOUND
14.00 h Lecture | Live Demo
14.35h Open experience for the public
16.00h Lecture | Live Demo
16.35h Open experience for the public
We are happy to announce a two day SOUND EXHIBITION that will take place on September the 1st and 2nd at Spatial Sound Institute, Budapest.
The event will be part of Fervere / Budafoki Pezsgő- és Borfesztivál az aqb-ban, organised together with art quarter budapest, and will showcase some of the projects that have been developed by our residents in the past months together with other events.
Among the showcased artists on September the 1st we find Sól Ey, Tiernan Cross and Nagy Ákos whose sound pieces revolve around spatiality of sound, each with their own personal approach and investigation into the 4DSOUND system.
On September the 2nd we will present a thrilling project Tracer ( developed by the Kitchen Budapest team, Filip Ruisl and Gábor Pribék). Tracer is a VR sound composing tool, which announces a new Virtual Reality Spatial Sound instrument and environment. They will explain their process as well as open the VR - Spatial Sound experience to the public.
We will forward more detailed information in the next weeks together with specific details of the pieces each artist will present!
This SSI Sound exhibition will happen as part of the FERVERE Festival that also features art quarter budapest events including an experimental movie screening, international art exhibitions, a design market, a concert and several workshops.
At the same time, Budafok will host a Wine and Champagne festival, so we invite you to come and discover !
FERVERE in Latin means literally ‘to boil,’ which refers to a process of fermentation: the key point in winemaking when grape juice turns into wine.
Our festival combines new artistic directions related to Arts and Sound, centred in Budafok where a new boiling point for creation is emerging; a fermentation for upcoming creative generations.
The festival aims to breakthrough our creative boundaries to explore new possibilities when all the mediums enter a dialogue and show us new paradigms.
FERVERE Festival is a collaboration between Art Quarter Budapest and Spatial Sound Institute, which is a part of the local Budafoki Pezsgő - és Borfesztivál (Budafok Champagne and Wine Festival).
More info at:
Art Quarter Budapest
Fervere Festival Event:
Budafoki Pezsgő- és Borfesztivál
Tracer - Vr Sound Composing tool
KiBu - http://kitchenbudapest.hu/
Filip Ruisl - http://www.filipruisl.com/
Gábor Pribék - http://www.gaborpribek.com/
Ákos Nagy - https://soundcloud.com/akosnagy
Sól Ey . https://sol-ey.com/
Tiernan Cross - www.tiernancross.com