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AQB AiR – Dóra Benyó and Shof Coker

Résztvevők:Dóra Benyó / Shof Coker
Helyszín: Foyer
Megnyitó:10/01/2019 17:00 (ked)
Időtartam:10/01 - 10/01/2019

Dóra Benyó and Shof Coker will present their new work in progress projects on Tuesday the 1st of October. Part of those works were developed during their residency stay at art quarter budapest.

art quarter budapest / A building on the 4th Floor

Dóra Benyó’s presentation is a work in progress of her developments during her stay at AQB. She captured her grandmother performing universal gestures, who has Aphasia and lost the communicative functions of her brain. Besides that, Benyó studied and used the structure of the Hungarian news channel ‘Tények’ to explain how she couldn’t enter the Historical Archives of the State Security Service to collect documents about her grandfather, which were made during the Soviet times. By portraying her ‘family historical background’ she questions how copying gestures and visual language manipulates messages.

Dutch artist Dóra Benyó (1989, Budapest, HU) lives and works between Brussels, Belgium and The Hague, the Netherlands. In her practice she focuses on the performative aspect in video, installation and performance. She instructs performers to observe their automatic regulated behaviour and to capture the human as a moving subject. From 2012 – 2017 she was co-founder and artist in the eight headed artist collective, The Holls Collective. In 2018 she received from the dutch Mondriaan Fund the Stipend for Emerging Artist.

THE POMEGRANATE HEART is a work of narrative fiction illustreted by Shof Coker.
Shof Coker is a Nigerian art director, and illustrator. He graduated from the Memphis College of Art with a Bachelor of Design Arts in Illustration. He has worked in video games and film for the past 10 years, most notably on the animated documentary, Liyana. His focus is to help tell stories that possibly inspire hope in people and places that are often misconstrued in global perspective. During Coker's residency, he is working on illustrations for a book project called The Pomegranate Heart - A modern fairy tale of two immigrant-artist lovers.

After the presentation you can join us to participate in the opening of our new exhibition Még mindig már nem at aqb Project Space from 6 pm.