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Polifónia [p ɔ l i f o: n i ɒ] – Kortárs akusztikus kiállítás

Curator(s):BARTON Balassa, KRAJCZÁR Vanda, KURUCZ Zsófia
Artist(s):BARTA Bence, CSEH Dániel, GRYLLUS Ábris, MARTINKÓ Márk, LABUS Máté
Venue:Project Space
Opening:06/06/2019 19:00 (Thu)
Duration:06/06 - 06/11/2019

Opening hours

Wednesday – Saturday15:00 – 18:00

Polyphony - Contemporary acoustic exhibition

The interplay of perception of sound and space is part of our daily experience - the artistic approach to the phenomenon is an exciting practice, as the presence of the emotions of the host has a direct impact on the work. The exhibition help us to renew our daily acoustic stimulus while reflecting on the difference between the space we experience and what we have heard. In the framework of installations, the sound changes at every moment, providing a unique event for each recipient. Starting from different aspects of the voice, it focuses on the interaction with them. Guests can enjoy the sound experience of space coordinated or disharmonized.
The primary purpose of the Polyphony is to attract attention to the work of five young artists in the Hungarian scene, within an acoustic exhibition. The installations displayed at the exhibit are overlapping of visual and audio perception, allowing the visitor to participate in a sound-based, complex experience. The exhibition acts empirically, primarily through sound detection, testing the recipient to be able to perceive these sounds when they are experiencing sound effects and noises in everyday life, and how this affects their environment.
The exhibition has been organized whithin the framework of the
bachelor's project of art theorist & curator students of the Hungarian University of Fine Arts.