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⧓⧓⧓ – MMM

Artist(s):BOLLA Szilvia / BORSO S LŐRINC / KOPHELYI Dániel / PPILLOVV / KISS Adrian / MÁTRAI Erik / MUSKOVICS Gyula-PÁLL Tamás-SZERI Viktor / TÓTH Márton Emil
Venue: Mines
Opening:10/31/2020 18:00 (Sat)
Duration:10/31 - 12/13/2020

M I N E    M Y    M I N D
M I N D    M Y    M I N E
M I N D    M Y    M I N D
M I N E    M Y    M I N E

Curators are the artists.

Due to the pandemic situation attending the exhibition will only be possible during the opening and by appointment on the following email adresse:

We descend hand-in-hand to the heart of the mountain, leaving any emotions behind. The familiar pathways of the mind lead to a wet, deep, warm darkness. Our trail is paved by a thin, reflective membrane — we fall into a time-trap as we cross it. We enter ourselves as we set foot "out there". It happens to us but we do it to ourselves. We freeze the future and melt the past, then in reverse. The pick-up is jumping back and forth on the nonlinear timeline of our memory. Tissues of intricately twirled, dystopian fragments emerge: familiar forms of madness, pleasurable traces of decay. We hide in the details, read among the lines, but the image remains undecipherable.

The participants show new works among reinterpretations of already existing ones, exhibiting large-scale, immersive and complex installations in the cave system of AQB — formerly used for limestone mining —, which hosts an exhibition for the first time in its existence.

Enter / exit at your own risk.

Catering by acids&Basics

Sponsor: AQB