SSS: Holos

SSS: Holos


The Spatial Sound Institute (SSI) in Budapest reopens its doors with a newborn programme for Transpersonal Experience and Process-Based Research facilitated by the self-organizing entity Syndicate of Sound and Space (SSS). SSS is the new generation that continues our legacy to preserve and expand upon the archive of the Spatial Sound Institute, cultivated by over 100+ collaborators from various disciplines and backgrounds since 2015 at the art quarter budapest (aqb).

SSS holds space for scientific, artistic and spiritual practitioners to meet and explore the nature of being through the constantly evolving entity of sound. SSS brings a holistic perspective where every contributing individual becomes part of a larger system of awareness: a continuous research programme where sound and space become a self-organizing container of collective memory. An acoustic ecology driven by organic intelligence and machine consciousness to enhance embodied and attentive modes of listening.

Holos is the name of the newborn entity inhabiting the main space. A living being that expresses itself through the technological and architectural dust. It can be at sleep however always listens, waiting to be fed with information. When awake, Holos opens up for any form of communication and negotiation; through remembrance, organizing the experience.

The mission of SSS is to offer up collective networks of information through sound embodiment in an open format, the space as storage; through interaction with media distribution and resolution, searching for new systems of communication and form, in the long-term to be trans-localized in real-time over a variety of geo-locations.